Automated Inspection and Guidance for the Automotive Industry

Every production process, manufacturing line and process within automotive production can be improved with machine vision automation. We provide your production supervisors with real-time data at their fingertips, recognising yield drift, quarantining suspect products and keeping your management in the loop with real statistics - allowing you to deliver 100% automatically inspected product out of the door, with meaningful data behind it.

Precision inspection across the entire automotive manufacturing floor. Vision system cameras can be used at almost every stage of production, from single component checks for dimensional accuracy, through to complete car conformance to specification. From the smallest nut, up to the complete car - we allow you to deliver superior products with zero parts per million failures.

End to End automation line

End to End automation line

Engine Inspection

Engine Inspection

assembly automation & inspection

assembly automation & inspection

Leak test fixtures

Leak test fixtures

Quality Assurance Made Easy

Typical Automotive Applications

Quality checks on electric vehicle (EV) battery production

Surface inspection for powertrain parts

Engine checks and verification

Wheel fastener and tyre inspection

Check for clips, nuts, inserts and completeness

Brake callipers, pads and component checks

Transmission assembly quality verification

Poke-yoke inspection benches

Electric vehicle battery surface inspection

EV power electronic checks

Body-in-White inspection cells

Error proofing component inspection

Read box labels and check logistic movements

Robot guidance and control

Mould short and flash detection

Connector inspection for electronic control modules

Bead and seal verification

Automotive final assembly checks

Gap and flush inspection

Trim and final assembly inspection cells

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) code inspection

Instrument cluster inspection

Transmission control module checks

Anode and cathode electric battery verification