Logistic & Others

Increase read rates and reduce rejects with machine vision for logistics

After two decades of scaling up, the logistics industry has changed its focus from growth to efficiency and improvement. With transport costs and wage bills rising, consumer demand faltering and the challenges of recruitment, supply chains and net zero ever-present, fulfilment centres are looking for savings in time and costs.
Machine vision automation for logistics offers huge opportunities for the industry, from increasing read rates and in-line inspection, to conveyor monitoring, door dock scanning and reverse logistics.

Tote tracking and inspection

Totes are essential within the warehouse for the safe and easy movement of products through conveyor and automated factory systems. Vision intelligence can identify and track totes right across the warehouse to prevent shipping errors and reduce downtime caused by product damage, contamination or overfilling.

Typical Logistic and other industries Applications

Multiple code reading in Conveyor

Order Picking

Order packaging and verification

Confirmation of part movement

Line supervisory control

Quality inspection of products

Precise alignment

Out of tolerance detection

Positioning of robots

Industrial ID and code reading

Flexible vision for industry 4.0

Paper Production

Quality checks on syringe bodies

Surface inspection for inclusions, scratches and mould faults

Packaging checks at the end of the line

Blow, fill, seal inspection

Automated metrology checks on orthopaedic joints

Glass bottle checks

Print inspection on dosage dials

Injection pen assembly verification

Orthopaedic joint surface inspection

Medical device assembly inspection

Converter film and web checking