FMCG & Packaging

Improve FMCG productivity and eliminate quality defects with machine vision for consumer goods manufacturing

Manufacturers of fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) face big challenges right now. From people shortages and the cost of energy or raw materials to supply chain disruption or the move to net zero, the threats to future productivity loom large.

Consumer goods producers know they must strive for absolute consistency in product quality and safety. Their customers demand it and the bottom line depends on it. But achieving it relies on effective and efficient production monitoring and inspection.
Machine vision automation for consumer goods lets manufacturers unlock their production potential and unleash the power of AI.

Bottles Inspection

Bottles Inspection

Packaging Check

Packaging Check

Labelling machine

Labelling machine

Pick & place conveyor automation

Pick & place conveyor automation

Typical FMCG and Packaging Vision Applications

Rigid plastic container inspection

Carton and box inspection

Date, lot and part number verification

Print quality correctness

Content verification

Bottle fill level inspection

Damaged carton inspection

Packaging measurements and verification

Tray and flat package inspection

Colour inspection and processing

Product inspection

Surface inspection and contamination

Label inspection and verification to standards

Size and feature inspection

Seal inspection

Correct cap closure

Product packaging checks

Inserts and specials label detection

Optical character recognition (OCR)

Optical character verification (OCV)

Label print correctness

Mixed-up product detection

Dimensional checks of glass bottles

Cap and label tilting detection

Glass fill correctness

Label stock type verification

Seal checks on food containers

Tamper seal checks

Track and trace serialisation

Unique device identifier checks